Discover one of the best chauffeur service in Spain…

Chauffeur service in Spain… Discover one of the best

Chófer de Lujo, our brand and company of chauffeur service in Spain -Madrid-, since ten years ago, has been offering chauffeur driven car and limousine hire services in and around Spain and across the globe.

Our services include airport transfers, corporate and executive travel and luxury limousine services and city and sightseeing tours, including road shows.

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We have a wide variety of national chauffeur customized services, top professional chauffeurs and a full range of luxury cars, at our disposal a very day, every hour… chauffeur service in spain it´s Chófer de Lujo

Madrid’s finest chauffeur car hire have luxury cars & Vans leading chauffeur service across Madrid and the rest of Spain. Providing safe, punctual and professional, VTC licensed private hire chauffeur drivers.

Our services can be as simple as an airport transfer on your arrival to your hotel or business meeting, or a customized itinerary with a driver at your disposal. All of the chauffeur drivers speak English.

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Professionalism and discretion are the two pillars of our work. As a result, personalities, celebrities  form culture and entertainment, presidents and CEOs of major companies, among others, have chosen us for their private luxury transportation in the country.

Our service culture is dedicated to exceed your expectations by providing the highest level of safety, comfort and confidentiality, taking care of the smallest details, and being ready to attend your special requests on the go.

TOP OF THE LINE VEHICLES: Choose from a wide variety of only the best luxury vehicles including sedans, SUVs, limousines, and sprinter vans.

WHITE GLOVE SERVICE: All private drivers are guaranteed to be courteous, professional, uniformed, English-speaking, and driving a luxury vehicle.

FREE CANCELLATION: Make changes to your itinerary or cancel your reservation for free up until 48 hours before your scheduled pick-up time.

Do you feel like renting a driver for your own car? Our drivers have a solid background in driving, an excellent knowledge of the local area, multilingual, and dedicated to delivering a high quality customer service experience. We attach high value to excellent manners and appearance, as well as discretion.

Groups and Events (capacity between 14 and 50 passengers), user friendly- Ready to you…

…and that you need/want/preffer.

We will waiting for you 24/ 7 by e-mail or phone call +34 615169330

Chófer de Lujo team.

Private chauffeur in Spain. What do you need to be one of us?

Private chauffeur in Spain. What do you need to be one of us?

Being private chauffeur in Madrid, Spain.

¿Have you ever thought being a private chauffeur Spain? Many people do, especially those they love cars and those who love driving or who have been working for the customer and service sectors in Spain. For those who think and believe that being a private driver is the work of their lves we will see some of the requirements that are needed, because sometimes it´s not easy.

If you work as a private driver for companies

One of the possibilities to work as a private driver is doing for a company that works in this activity.  We will see some of the specific requirements that are needed.

private chauffeur spain

private chauffeur spain

Antiquity in the driving license

One of the requirements for this job obviously is to have a driving license and some antiquity in it. Usually they will ask you at least to have five years old on it, although you may be asked for more.

Companies want to be sure that they are hiring professionals who know how to drive and have already thousands of km as experience, something essential if you are going to be the responsible of the security of lots and lots of clients.

Nice presence

The image is everything in this world. Therefore, companies offering cars with drivers always asked to have a good imageand nice presence, which means you have to look nice, with a care aspect, clean and better if you are in good physical shape. Can be silly, but the truth is that when you have two candidates, and both have good qualities, always you will keep with the candidate with better physical aspect for providing good brand of your company. Think that for the client, the only image or logo that describes your company is the car and the private chauffeur.





Speak a second or third language is another key to work as a private chauffeur. At least you should maintain a fluid and understandable conversation in English, which has become the universal language. Many clients could be not from Spain or speak spanish, and a driver with English, French or Italian level can open doors between other candidates. If you have other languages, such as German, is better, but for most of the companies a high level of English is enough to work as a private driver. Think that a big part of the money or billing of these companies comes from transfers to airports such as Barajas airport, so many of their clients are foreigners who do not speak any Spanish, but who do speak English.


The BTP license for private transfers

When you drive cars that are going to carry passengers, is not enough to have a driving license. In those cases, you need a kind of extension of the driving license, called BTP, that also taxi drivers and ambulance drivers have.

You can have this special license doing a simple test in Traffic. In fact, you don´t need to go to the driving school, you can buy the book or use the Internet and read and study at home on your own. This requirement is a mere formality, that takes studying and reading a little book. I can say that after obtaining the driving license, the BTP will not cause you any problems.

Notions of self defense

Depending on the type of people that you carry with you, the company may ask you some knowledge of self defense or even the title of security guard. Having the title of bodyguards will be an important plus apart from the professional driving course. This doesn´t mean thatbeing a private driver is a dangerous job, but some companies will prefer if you have these qualifications.

If you work for yourself

Another option is to work for yourself as a freelancer. You are the company, so we’ll see what requirements you need, it will be the same as above plus others wewill show you now.

Luxury car

Apart from the requirements we have seen before, you have to add some more, like the car. You can not be private chauffeur with an Opel Corsa, so you have to buy a luxury car, and also in its higher versions, such as an Audi A8 or Mercedes S Class limousine, like we have in Chofer de lujo, prepared cars to carry passengerscomfortably and safely.

Licenses and other papers

As in all economic activities, you will have to register yourself in the Treasury and the SS. Youwill probably have to talk with a business agent to tell you how to start your activity and to know if in your case is better to register as an autonomous or as a company.

You’ll need a special insurance, in which note you’re going to carry passengers. I suggest you not to skimp on insurance, especially in the part of the liability and the damage to the own car, because it will be your only work tool.

You also have to take out the VTC license authorizing you to carry passengers in your car. With this, you will cover part of the «paperwork» but you need to hire the services of a good agent, so you do not become crazy with paperworks.


Today everyone makes internet searches. Thus, at least until you have a good customer base, you need to make yourself known on the network and position yourself, so when someone searches for a private driver in your city, the first thing they´ll see is your site.

You can make first contacts with clients, which with time can become regular customers who always think in you. A happy customer is the best marketing you can have, it will recommend you to all those who need a private driver. So, internet is just the first step. Everything else is up to you.