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Luxury wedding car hire Madrid. Wedding Car Hire, Chauffeur Services etc.

Are you planning your wedding or invited to one of them? If you marry soon or you going to attend a weeding this year, maybe you are interested in a private chauffeur for the special day. Continue reading, don´t miss this post! You need a luxury wedding car hire Madrid with

It´s time for weddings and communions, probably the most important day when you are a child and when you are an adult. Lots of things to prepare for that day nothing goes wrong and everything goes perfect. Imagine removing the transportation from the list “things to do” not worrying anymore about that. In Chófer de Lujo we are specialize in rental of luxury wedding cars so you will delight your own driver in the most important day of your life.


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¿Do you need a luxury wedding car hire? You have to have everything ready and prepared in advance, so time will not eat you, but when we talk about attend or celebrate a wedding in Madrid, Barcelona… we are your best choice. Our luxury wedding cars are ideal to stand out on those special occasions when you want to fully enjoy and only worry about what really matters: an unforgettable moment.

Imagine a beautiful, elegant and amazing car with private chauffeur just for you or with your fiancé being driven to the altar, around the city with the photographer to make the photo shoot or leaving the church as newlyweds on the way to the banquet. The comfort and the relax of having your own driver who will take you where you desire, has not price.

Even if you´re the lucky one who marries and you are preparing everything for the day or you are a good friend who has been invited to the event and you just want to give a gift or have a nice touch with the couple, contact us and book this amazing experience! Have a look our website and compare rates, routes and car service models, once you have the idea talk to us, we will offer you the best option that fits your needs. We provided you the best luxury wedding car hire Madrid services… 

luxury wedding car hire Madrid

luxury wedding car hire Madrid

Or maybe you´re been helped and advised by a professionalweeding planner in Spain and you just want to hire one of our luxury wedding cars with a private chauffeur while you are touring the entire city organizing all the details. Find your dream dress, choose the wedding cake, select the flowers and every singledetailof your wedding aboard a comfortable and luxurious car with a glass of champagne in your hands while you are driven from one side of the city to another without not worrying anything else than you.

In Chófer de Lujo, we have the know-how of more than 100 weddings and all with excellent ratings and reviews of our service and our drivers. We have years of experience in this kind of events and our drivers are completely prepared to make you feel comfy and safety.

Choose one of our fantastic weeding cars with private driver that we have:

  • Mercedes S Class Limousine (3-4 seats) ideal for the couple and photographer or special guests.
  • Mercedes Viano (8 seats) perfect for guests, children or entire families.
  • Audi A6 (3-4 seats) ideal for the bridesmaids or as a support car.

Our drivers will check everything is okay, from the itinerary and routes to the time it takes, cause punctuality is a must in this kind of events. Also we can decorate the bridal car with flowers or ribbons but we will talk about all those details once you know what you want.

Our drivers will make you enjoy the experience and everything will go as planned. Responsible with what we do, our private chauffeurs have an impeccable, friendly, presence and people skills. They will be timely, empathetic, discreet and very professional, all for you just to dedicate to yourself and enjoy the experience of a luxury wedding car hire Madrid.

Don´t miss the opportunity of hiring an elegant, large and comfortable luxury weeding car ideal for a large, long and pompous white wedding dress. Also, do not miss the opportunity to see your children enjoying with the entire family the experience inside one of our cars on the day of their communion on the way to the church. They will not believe it when they see it parked outside the house waiting for them!

Remember, chauffeured cars for weddings or communions are many, but in Servicios chófer de Lujo we are dedicated to it in body and soul, because your satisfaction it´s our reward for a luxury wedding car hire Madrid.

Do not hesitate in contact us! If you want to know more info about our luxury wedding cars for you or for a couple as a wedding present, just call us. If you are looking for a quality service in Spain, write us explaining your needs and we will send you a completely personalized budget. Remenber: luxury wedding car hire Madrid

Remember, contact us and book now with our 24h personalized service at (+34) 910 22 35 57 or call us at (+34) 615 169 330.

Happy Wedding!

¡Three cheers for the bride and groom. Hip, hip, hurray!