Private driver in Madrid: Visit the most exclusive areas.

Private driver in Madrid:

Visit the most exclusive areas.

Enjoy Madrid renting a car with a private chauffeur…

Imagine a private driver in Madrid only for you… ¿Have you ever ask yourself that there is a different kind of tourism apart from those tourist looking the map or the mobile phone trying to find where the Puerta de Alcalá is or how to go to the Santiago Bernabéu stadium?



Im sure you have thought more than once, that probably the best option to know a city is walking with an expert guide to visit the most prestigious and exclusive areas, that one who can show you those places that are not available to usual tourists.

So, if you are tired paying for those two floors red buses full of tourists, long walks that mortify your feet or you just want to know Madrid in a different way, forget about parkings, stress and try this new and exclusive way hiring a luxury car with a private driver. An option that will leave you more than satisfied.

VIP transport, with a private driver or chauffeur, will let you know Madrid in an original, exclusive and unique way. In the comfort of a luxury car, maybe with a glass of champagne and without any worries you will visit the most exclusive areas of the capital, shop and make stops wherever you want. Because, you´re not the kind of person who looks for a cheap hostel in the city center of Madrid or likes waiting queues, right?

Private driver in Madrid. Stop suffering with the traffic while you are driving, enough missing again and again or being more aware of your security instead of enjoying the scenery. Visit the most exclusive areas of Madrid in a car with private driver will completely change your perspective.

Private driver in Madrid. Over the last years, the companies related with VIP transport are growing. A new way of traveling marked by the comfort and the tranquility of leaving all your worries in the hands of a company.


What to do in Madrid: hire a luxury car with driver

The possibility of visit the Golden Mile from a high-end car with a cold glass of champagne is something you will never forget. If you are the kind of person who prefers enjoying this experience in a group, you can see the Prado Museum and the Cibeles inside a luxury limousine with your best friends.



The supply and the options are wide, covering a wide range of prices and leaving the client the possibility of choosing from a full range of vehicles. From the sobriety of an exclusive Mercedes as a gift for your partner, to the possibility of a Hummer limo for you and all your friends to celebrate a bachelor party.

Private driver in Madrid. The option of renting a car with a private chauffeur is a common option in other countries. We have not to confuse with a simple taxi transportation, this goes much further. VIP transportation is usually made for a fixed amount, so you don’t have to worry about unexpected bonuses or taximeters with exorbitant amounts.

Private driver in Madrid. Is the perfect option to meet main cities and look at it from a completely different point of view your´re used. How we said before, the price range is for all kinds of pockets.

A limousine is not just for celebrities or famous people. Since this service has grown, it is much closer than you think. But if you prefer something more extravagant, you can’t lose the opportunity to ride in a Hummer limo for up to twelve people. From just 230€ you can explore the city in a vehicle that will make that day a time to remember the rest of you life.

Private driver in Madrid

private driver in Madrid


Other VIP transport services in Madrid

The variety of services also leads to enjoy different atmospheres, less festive. If you simply want to experience a guided tour of Madrid with all the comfort and versatility that gives traveling with a private driver just for you and yours, you can choose a three-hour ride from 180€.

Three hours in which you will discover a city that lives the present but with a past just around the corner. A chaoticcity but full of corners with lot of peace. One of the most visited cities in the world but also full of unique places that will make you feel like the only person who has been there.

Who doesn´t want to walk the famous Paseo del Arte admiring spectacular paintings from the Prado, Thyssen and Reina Sofia Museums? Who does not like to wander through the historic Madrid? Or maybe you prefer to know more thoroughly the modern Madrid, full of unique infrastructure…Also you can´t let pass the opportunity to meet the famous Royal Palace and the famousPlaza Mayor, icon not only of the capital, of Spain in general.

A tour, in short, unique and singular, which surely will make you know Madrid from a completely new and different perspective.

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